Friday, October 12, 2012

June in Chi Town

When I got put on bed rest at 22 weeks Jeremy and I looked at each other and then at our three girls and thought, Now what do we do? But Charlotte and Brian had an idea. And that's how my girls came to spend the first three weeks of summer in Chicago with Nana, Papa and Aunt Charie. I was miserable without them. I would have been more miserable trying to take care of them from the couch, but it was so hard to send them away. Fortunately, they didn't feel the same way. They had a total blast!
I love love that Cooper is in the family picture!

Nana bought Elisabeth the "Happily Ever After" pajama set seen above. She hardly took them off for two months.

Aunt Charie's new ride. Now all my girls aspire to drive pick up trucks some day. I love it!

Summer fun!

The girls flew home on July 3rd and for days after their return Kate kept whining, "I want to go back to Chicago. I'd rather live with Nana...she lets me eat whipped cream on top of my fruit every time. Please can I go live with Nana?" I understood. Some days we all wish we could live with Papa, Nana and Aunt Charie!

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